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Chair & Co-founder

Jeeves Rohilla is Faiths Forum for London's London Regional Coordinator. He co-founded the #FaithsAgainstDomesticAbuse campaign and through the Strengthening Faith Institutions programme, remains the point of contact for over 140 places of worship all over the UK.


Social Secretary

Bhante Pannavamsa MSc (Oxon) is the founder of the Dhamma Centre in Colchester, Essex, Director of the MindKraft Foundation and the Mindfulness Ambassador to Europe appointed by the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. He is the Co-chair of the North Herts Interfaith Forum.


Pastoral Support Lead & CO-FOUNDER

Vijendra is a trainee teacher with Teach First. He is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. He is deeply inspired by Hindu philosophy and enjoys continually developing himself to help those around him.


Recruitment & Outreach Officer

Tara Corry started as an intern shortly after graduating, but now is the Project Coordinator and Development Manager at Women's interfaith Network. She is particularly interested in the role of women in interfaith work and co-founded the #FaithsAgainstDomesticAbuse campaign.



AJ is a volunteer interfaith community activist working with Central London Humanists and Young Humanists. He is keenly interested in studying and raising awareness about all kinds of belief and value systems, in the context of spiritual love, inter-group dialogue, and social justice.


Blog/Podcast Lead

Sherri is currently training towards being Occupational Therapist and is President of the Young Zoroastrians of the UK. She is passionate about promoting good health within the South Asian community and is committed towards improving the dialogue on social justice within faiths.


Listen Up! Lead

Eve Jackson is an English literature graduate with a keen interest in promoting interfaith dialogues. She has previously done work with various interfaith organisations and loves working with FUYN. She is excited to see FUYN continue to grow.



Syra currently works as an analyst at Man Group. She strives to be a champion of diversity and inclusion in the finance industry and is involved in numerous networks and working groups both internally at Man Group, such as NextGen, Women at Man, and externally as well as an ambassador for City Sikhs and founding member of Faiths United Youth Network.



Josephine Davidoff is a British Progressive Jew. Her Interfaith work began during her time as Jewish Society President at University which was further enhanced by training as a Student Leader with the Council of Christians and Jews. After graduating and worked for Mitzvah Day and helped co-found FUYN.



Adam Aslam works freelance as a Youth project worker, school facilitator & Community builder. Adam is currently active in research relating to migration history and culture, whilst also being an avid interfaith activist, sitting on various committees including his current exec post as Publicity officer for the Concord Namaste youth fund.



Nima Moghaddas is studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge with a particular interest in Physiology and Development. Nima is a member of the Bahá'í Faith and is actively engaged in promoting various community building activities aimed at the transformation of the individual and society.


Leadership & Democracy Week Lead

Esther Offenberg is currently a vice-president of the World Union of Jewish Students and sits on the 'Board of Deputies of British Jews - Youth Assembly' committee. Esther got involved in FUYN from the beginning through her past role as the Union of Jewish Students president and now continues as a passionate interfaith activist.



Zinzan Gurney is a member of the UK Bahá’í community and is currently an undergraduate student of engineering at the University of Cambridge. He is involved in a number of community-building activities initiated by the Bahá’í community in Cambridge that include the spiritual education of children, the moral empowerment of young people aged 12-15.



Harkiran Kohli is a member of City Sikhs & A Little History of the Sikhs. Harkiran is aspiring to become a Biomedical Engineer, striving to develop new technologies for the betterment of mankind. She is engaged with youths in understanding the concerns surrounding mental health along with strategically supporting the new generation.



Diana Carolina is a president of the Catholic Society at Westminster University, she is studying a BA in Business Management Entrepreneurship. Diana is passionate about personal development and she has hold an active position volunteering in several interfaith-catholic events, is member of the youth ministry, usher ministry and student leader at the council of Christians and Jews.


Interfaith Champion

Stewart Yarlett completed a Ph.D. in Theology & Religious Studies with a specialism in Quaker Studies at the University of Birmingham. Prior to his doctoral studies he worked in the interfaith sector for a year, and has worked alongside local MPs both in their constituency offices and on the campaign trail.



Cameron is an Anglican and the International Partnerships Coordinator at the LSE Faith Centre where he works on the delivery of executive programmes and provides consultancy services for public institutions and charities to improve their engagement with faith based actors. He is currently undertaking a part-time MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology at the LSE.


Usmaan is an Executive Assistant at Faiths Forum for London. He has provided key research in the FUYN Black Lives Matter Education Campaign and the recent Uyghur Muslims Awareness Campaign. He was also vital to the success of the FUYN Leadership & Democracy Week 2020.


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