What we do & Message from our Chair


Feeling a sense of responsibility to help those that were suffering & vulnerable due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, younger representatives of all faiths came together to establish Faiths United Youth Network (FUYN). FUYN was founded to provide a youth-led multifaith response to the shared challenge that members of all faiths and backgrounds were facing, with the core belief that issues of societal concern are more effectively solved when we work together. 

We currently have members representing nine different faiths, all working together to tackle issues that impact the youth in every faith community. Following on from our conception, our core belief & guiding principle remains, that a collective & unified response between the youth within all faith groups, is the best way we can construct inclusive & effective solutions to every issue of concern.

We believe in embracing the world’s diversity & differing perspectives, uniting together to amplify the youth voice within all faith communities. 

Jeeves Rohilla, Chair

What we do


Our work falls into three categories:


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