Mission, vision, values

Our vision

Our vision centres around an empowered youth of all faith and belief backgrounds uniting to create a collective voice that amplifies issues of societal concern prevalent within every community, whilst also ensuring they have the skills and expertise necessary to make sustainable changes.

Through this collective drive to improve the lives of future generations, the connection and creation of friendships between youth within all faith and belief communities will strengthen and inevitably combat prejudice and hate. We believe this will lay the path for striving continuously for the good of all humanity.

Our mission and values

These can be split into three core ideas:

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A duty to tackle issues of social injustice that matter to youth within all faith and belief communities.

EMPOWERMENT AND OPPORTUNITY: Equipping youth with the skills that they need to help improve the lives of future generations. 

FRIENDSHIP: Creating an environment based on respect and integrity, building long-lasting interfaith relationships.